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 » Zero Kiryu

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Geslacht : Reu
Aantal berichten : 27

Honden profiel
Roedel: Not for me.
Leeftijd: 5 Years.
Partner: Don't show you feelings.

BerichtOnderwerp: » Zero Kiryu   vr okt 26, 2012 5:23 am

» General

[ Name ] Zero Kiryu
[ Age ] 5 Years
[ Race ] Male Dog
[ Pack ] None
[ Sex ] Hetero

» Family and Relations

[ Parents ] Shizuka and Rido
[ Siblings ] Ichiru my twin brother
[ Distance ] Unknown
[ Partner ] Ignore your feelings
[ Friends ] Loner

» Looks

[ Fur Color ] Silver/white blended with brown
[ Eye Color] Blue/silver/purple
[ Paw Pads Color ] Black
[ Nose Color ] Brown
[ Build Body ] Quite large, with long legs and a slender clumsily posed body
[ Fur Posture ] Double thick coat, but short

» Character

His past has actually left a large scar on how he is now. He distrusts everyone, and is therefore much in itself. He is also fast angry and aggressive, but that's just to be able to hide his past. Zero is a very calm dog. He is very quiet, but also remains calm in dangerous situations. He makes sensible decisions and is not one of the reckless dogs. He thinks about the decisions he takes, he behaved already adult at an early age. He is totally neutral, he is like, but only if a wolf comes he will find his path not on that also not very. It is located on his temper what he is going to do, sometimes he is very irritated and he has much, then you better look out. Even though he would never be a dog attacks without reason.

» Audio Player

[ Voiche ] [Op 1:07]
[ Theme ] &

Zero's theme
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» Zero Kiryu
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